Computer Classes

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Computer Classes

Learn new computer skills through our practical and interactive training courses. Courses are perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced computer users. 

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Adobe Photoshop Elements, Introduction
Learn to edit, enhance and share your photos. Add filter effects and textures and quick frames. Cost: $70 + book 

Adobe Photoshop Elements, Intermediate
Learn to edit, enhance and share your photos. Add filter effects and textures and quick frames.  Cost: $70 + book

Computers, Introduction
As a new computer user, you need to learn the basics that include using the mouse and keyboard and shutting down the computer. You will master hardware and software vocabulary, the basics of saving and retrieving files and learn to install and remove hardware and software. Explore your computer's systems tools, control panel and the basics of file management. Cost: $70 + book

Getting to Know your iPad
Learn to navigate your iPad, find apps, download them and organize them. Learn how to navigate your iPad settings and set up your tablet to your preferences.  Cost: $70

Microsoft Excel 2013, Introduction
Gain new skills in creating files, sorting/filtering, editing and printing spreadsheet files using Excel. Learn to write formulas, format cells and cut/copy/paste cells.  Cost: $70 + book

Microsoft Excel 2013, Intermediate
Build on your beginner-level Excel skills in storing, organizing and manipulating data. Improve your data analysis skills by learning to manipulate data through formulas. Hone your presentation skills utilizing Excel's charting and graphing tools.  Cost: $70 + book

Data Analysis
Become a power user by mastering advanced skills in formula writing, data analysis and manipulation and presentation. Prepare to use Excel in concert with other data management systems for improved capabilities and efficiency.  Cost: $70 + book

Microsoft Bootcamp
Learn the basics for setting up files with appropriate formatting, adding content, editing content and saving files. Learn to use a range of powerful tools , and see how to make the programs work together for you.  Cost: $70 + book

Microsoft PowerPoint, Intermediate 
Build on your beginning PowerPoint skills and learn to create visual slide presentations that include text, graphics, photos, sound, movies, animation and other elements.  Cost: $70 + book

Quickbooks 20145 Business Bookkeeping
Learn how QuickBooks can improve your office efficiency by allowing you to set up a chart of accounts, reconcile your checking account, and create and print invoices, receipts and statements. Track inventory, payables and receivables, create estimates and generate reports.  Cost: $70 + book

Online Computer Classes
You can get the training you need online through ed2go. Study when it's convenient for you.

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