Faculty and Staff Directory

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First Name Last Namesort descending Title Department Email Location Phone
Rachel Knox Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid rknox@mitchellcc.edu SSC-107D (704) 878-3255
Susan Kulenkamp Receptionist Mooresville Campus skulenkamp@mitchellcc.edu MC (704) 663-1923
Chad Lackey Director of Facilities Facilities Support Services clackey@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Scott Lail Network Manager Institutional Technology slail@mitchellcc.edu MB-309B (704) 978-5437
Sandra Landry Director of Student Academic Success Student Academic Success Division slandry@mitchellcc.edu HL (704) 878-3325
Jim Larsen EMS Coordinator Public Safety jlarsen@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B3 (704) 878-4365
Deb Lazenby Business Services Coordinator Continuing Education dlazenby@mitchellcc.edu CEC-11F (704) 878-3235
Jenny Leamon-Smith Instructor Faculty: Mathematics   jsmith2@mitchellcc.edu VB-108 704-878-3346
Justin Leonard Instructor, Biology Faculty: Sciences jleonard@mitchellcc.edu MCB-312 704-978-1339
Catherine LeRoy Administrative Assistant Basic Skills cleroy@mitchellcc.edu CEC (704) 878-3232
Myra Lewis Senior Advisor Counseling & Advising mlewis@mitchellcc.edu SSC-208 (704) 978-1309
Ginny Little Instructor Faculty: Associate Degree Nursing glittle@mitchellcc.edu SB105A (704) 878-3307
Al Lofland Instructor Faculty: Mechanical Engineering alofland@mitchellcc.edu DRK-110 (704) 978-1364
Cheryl Maloney Administrative Assistant Continuing Education - VP office csells@mitchellcc.edu CEC (704) 878-3224
Mary Marks Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Medical Assisting mmarks@mitchellcc.edu VB-201D (704) 978-5424
Todd Martin Instructor Faculty: Psychology tmartin@mitchellcc.edu MB-102 (704) 878-3285
Bonnie McCurry Administrative Assistant President's Office bmccurry@mitchellcc.edu MB-205 (704) 878-3205
Beniah McMiller Coordinator of Office Administration, Health Mgmt., & Basic Computers Faculty: Business, Computers & Office Admin bmcmiller@mitchellcc.edu VB-202A 704-878-3335
Keith Menster Assistant Fire Continuing Education Coordinator Public Safety cmenster@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B3 (704) 978-1340
Jeanne Miller Bookstore and Mail Room Assistant Bookstore jmiller@mitchellcc.edu SU-105A (704) 878-3275
Keith Miller Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Business, Economics & Marketing kmiller@mitchellcc.edu FH-202 (704) 878-3316
Amy Money Instructional Services Assistant VP for Instruction amoney@mitchellcc.edu MB-230 (704) 878-3264
Michelle Money Program Specialist Nursing, Natural and Health Sciences mmoney@mitchellcc.edu SB-110 (704) 878-4260
Annette Moore Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: English amoore@mitchellcc.edu MB-313A (704) 878-4340
Meredith Moore Instructional Designer Distance Learning mmoore@mitchellcc.edu SSC-110 (704) 978-1314
Amanda Moose Simulation Coordinator Faculty: Associate Degree Nursing amoose@mitchellcc.edu SB-103A (704) 878-3303
Jane Morgan Accounts Receivable Specialist/Cashier Financial Services jmorgan@mitchellcc.edu SSC-200 (704) 878-4270
David Moss Instructor Faculty: English dmoss@mitchellcc.edu MB-315 (704) 878-3317
Barbara Myers Academic Advisor Counseling & Advising bmyers@mitchellcc.edu SSC-102 (704) 978-1311
Amy Naylor Instructor Faculty: Sciences anaylor@mitchellcc.edu SB-207B (704) 878-3294
Molly Nicholson Data Specialist Institutional Research & Effectiveness mnicholson@mitchellcc.edu MB 103A (704) 878-4362
Eric Nielsen Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Electrical/Electronics Technology enielsen@mitchellcc.edu WFD-204 (704) 978-1324
Mark Niswonger ECM Technology Manager/Webmaster Institutional Technology mniswonger@mitchellcc.edu MB-304 (704) 978-3102
Coy Nobles Instructional Technologist Distance Learning cnobles@mitchellcc.edu SSC-110 (704) 978-5414
Bryan Ottone Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services bottone@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Christina Owen Instructor Faculty: Cosmetology cowen@mitchellcc.edu COS (704) 878-6134
Kelly Pardue Coordinator of Work-Based Learning Educational Partnerships kpardue@mitchellcc.edu MB-219 (704) 878-4263
Libby Patrick Student Activities Coordinator Student Services lpatrick@mitchellcc.edu SU-201 (704) 978-5426
Elizabeth (Betsy) Patterson Director of Admissions/Registrar Admissions & Records epatterson@mitchellcc.edu SSC107 (704) 878-3244
Amanda Patterson Instructor Faculty: Psychology apatterson@mitchellcc.edu MB-312 (704) 978-5468
Nancy Payne Instructor Faculty: Mathematics npayne@mitchellcc.edu VB-206B (704) 978-1370
Pat Pence NC NA I Program Coordinator Allied Health ppence@mitchellcc.edu Off-Site (704) 873-8268
Judy Phillips Director of Printing & Graphic Design Printing & Graphic Design Services jphillips@mitchellcc.edu Friends (704) 878-3272
Cabanna Pierce Administrative Assistant Occupational Extension cpierce@mitchellcc.edu CEC-7A (704) 878-4273
Arthur Piervincenti Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Criminal Justice Technology apiervincenti@mitchellcc.edu VB-204D (704) 978-5497
Dale Pocock Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Accounting dpocock@mitchellcc.edu FH-104 (704) 878-3339
Amy Poirier Instructor Faculty: Agribusiness apoirier@mitchellcc.edu FH-201 (704) 878-3333
Benjamin Pressley Instructor Faculty: English bpressley@mitchellcc.edu MB-312 (704) 878-4349
Tammy Rackley Purchasing Officer Financial Services trackley@mitchellcc.edu MB-301 (704) 878-3215
Gwendolyn Ramirez Accounting Manager - Student Accounts Financial Services gramirez@mitchellcc.edu SSC 200 F (704) 878-3211