Faculty and Staff

First Name Last Name Title Departmentsort descending Email Address Location Phone
Sheila Adams Administrative Business Officer Administration sadams@mitchellcc.edu MB-334 (704) 978-1382
John Wilkinson Vice President for Administration & Auxiliary Services Administration jwilkinson@mitchellcc.edu MB-335 (704) 878-3202
Lee Jan Waddell Administrative Services Assistant Administrative Services lwaddell@mitchellcc.edu MB-333 (704) 978-5447
Nancy Fields Student Records Technician Admissions & Records nfields@mitchellcc.edu SSC-110 (704) 878-3243
Elizabeth (Betsy) Patterson Director of Admissions/Registrar Admissions & Records epatterson@mitchellcc.edu SSC107 (704) 878-3244
Carole Ireland Curriculum Maintenance Technician Admissions & Records cireland@mitchellcc.edu SSC107 (704) 878-4348
Erin Dubea Assistant Director of Admissions/ Registrar Admissions & Records edubea@mitchellcc.edu MC-088 (704) 978-3111
Crystal Howell Admissions & Records Technician Admissions & Records chowell2@mitchellcc.edu SSC-110 (704) 978-1349
Wayne James Instructor Advanced Manufacturing wjames@mitchellcc.edu WFD-215 (704) 978-1335
Joyce Chambers Administrative Assistant Allied Health jchambers@mitchellcc.edu CSC-209 (704) 978-5443
Pat Pence NC NA I Program Coordinator Allied Health ppence@mitchellcc.edu Off-Site (704) 873-8268
Stacy Whitmire Allied Health Coordinator Allied Health sfrance@mitchellcc.edu CSC-208 (704) 878-4368
Sherry Clarke Basic Skills & Compensatory Education Coordinator Basic Skills sclarke@mitchellcc.edu CEC (704) 878-3233
Catherine LeRoy Administrative Assistant Basic Skills cleroy@mitchellcc.edu CEC (704) 878-3232
Pang Yang Bookstore Technician Bookstore pyang@mitchellcc.edu SU-105A (704) 978-3101
Jeanne Miller Bookstore and Mail Room Assistant Bookstore jmiller@mitchellcc.edu SU-105A (704) 878-3275
Donna Arnett Bookstore Manager Bookstore darnett@mitchellcc.edu SU-105A (704) 978-1358
Betty Scipione Director of Customized Training Business and Industry Services bscipione@mitchellcc.edu WFD-101D (704) 878-3234
Angie Goodman Administrative Assistant Business, Computer Technology & Cosmetology Division agoodman@mitchellcc.edu FH-101 (704) 878-4258
Bob Broda Security Officer Campus Safety & Security bbroda@mitchellcc.edu MV (704) 881-5252