Stories of Excellence–Jesus Gomez

Jesus Gomez has an important job. As a member of Mitchell’s Information Technology (IT) department, he and his coworkers keep College processes and processors running. He has a passion for his field, which shows in his excellent service and support. He also has a passion for Mitchell.   


Gomez’s time at Mitchell began in Continuing Education’s Career Development and Employability programs. With an aim to obtain his Career Readiness Certification, Gomez was inspired to set his goals higher by Kelly Pardue, who was then serving as the program coordinator. Pardue encouraged Gomez to begin Mitchell’s curriculum coursework in order to further his education and obtain a degree.


Gomez began the Information Technology program at Mitchell in 2013. With general education credits earned from an institution he had attended previously, he was able to begin program intensive coursework right away. Faculty members provided a support network for Gomez, giving him real-world insights into the field from their own professional experiences. These insights have been a big help, Gomez noted. “Everything they said, I’ve found to be the case on the job.”


One of his favorite experiences at Mitchell is the annual STEAM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Gomez enjoys setting up all the equipment and talking to visitors about the display– how it worked and how it was achieved. “It is an experience,” he said, admitting even long or complex set-ups were enjoyable because “Everything we do, we like. And the people here are just amazing.” A career, according to Gomez, is much more meaningful when it is enjoyable.


Gomez took part in Mitchell’s work study program, gaining experience in the Mitchell IT department. In June 2015, he was hired by Mitchell as a part-time IT Helpdesk assistant. Gomez received his Associates in Applied Science Computer Information Technology degree in May 2016 along with certificates in Networking and Operating Systems.


In August 2017, Gomez joined Mitchell as a full-time IT Coordinator. Gomez understands the importance of credentialing in the IT field. He plans to continue earning certificates in the IT field, enhancing his skills and building his resume. With experience as a student and a staff member, Gomez has seen many sides of Mitchell. “Mitchell is a great place to be. There is always someone here who is willing to help you out with whatever you need.”


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