Stories of Excellence - Karah Jean-Gilles


Karah Jean-Gilles knows that her passion is to help others. Her time at Mitchell has helped her refine her passion to a career goal.


When she first started the early college program, Jean-Gilles wanted to be a pediatrician. When she started her science studies, she began to rethink her goal. She found herself much more passionate about her criminal justice coursework, and she began taking as many criminal justice courses as she could. Balancing studies and community life, Jean-Gilles also works as a mentor with the Boys and Girls Club of the Piedmont. A member of the Boys and Girls Club herself since 5th grade, she is passionate about giving back to an organization which helped mold her into a leader. “Being able to make a difference in kids lives is all I could ever ask for,” she said.


Now a senior with Crossroads Arts and Science Early College, Jean-Gilles says Mitchell helped her to define her path. She plans to transfer to a four-year university, major in criminal justice and ultimately work in the Criminal Justice system as a lawyer or juvenile therapist. “I would recommend Mitchell to anyone,” she noted, “It is a great way to find yourself and take all kinds of different courses to see what you really want to be in life.” 


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