Stories of Excellence – Liz Petree

Liz Petree understands the value of a Mitchell education. As an alumna, a former instructor and a community business partner, Petree has experienced Mitchell from a variety of viewpoints. Each one has strengthened her belief that the real-life skills and lessons learned at Mitchell are essential to achieving one’s goals.


Petree attended a 4-year university after graduating high school. Two years later, she found she was still searching for her calling and decided to take a break from her studies. Though she planned to return in a year or two, marriage and starting a family changed her plans.  “It was very important to me to be able to stay home with my boys,” she said, “so school wasn't a priority at the time.” When her youngest child began kindergarten, though, Petree decided to continue her educational journey.


Enrolling at Mitchell in 2009, Petree began the Web Technology program (now Digital Media Technology) to follow her interest in web design. Even though the program was rigorous, Petree noted instructor Ronna Stroud was an invaluable mentor. After graduating in 2011, she began Petree Web Design and served as an adjunct instructor for Mitchell.


As Petree’s career evolved to becoming the owner of Wine Maestro, a wine and craft beer establishment in Statesville, she drew upon other skills learned at Mitchell. “The funny thing is,” she said, “I still use things that I learned at Mitchell almost every day. From marketing to social media to business practices, I rely on the education that I received.” Her relationship with Mitchell continues–Petree’s oldest son, a current student, has been accepted into Mitchell’s acclaimed nursing program. She knows the education he will receive will prepare him for excellence in his chosen career. 


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