Stories of Excellence–Matthew Lloyd

Service and support are two words that motivate Matthew Lloyd. He is driven to serve his community and to provide support for those under his care. He understands the power of service and support in achieving goals, both personal and educational. Friends, family and community have provided support for Lloyd in the past. And so has Mitchell.


Lloyd grew up in Statesville attending South Iredell High School. He first came to Mitchell in 2013 for the criminal justice program. “I went to Mitchell due to the fact that it was my local college and that I intended to save tons of money by obtaining the same 2-year degree at Mitchell as I would attending any University.” Lloyd planned to earn an associate's degree in Criminal Justice Technology and then transfer to Lees McRae to finish his bachelor’s in criminal justice. Like many Mitchell students, Lloyd was a full-time student and full-time employee, working at his father’s landscaping company.


One of his favorite things about Mitchell was the criminal justice program. He spoke highly of instructors Adam Atwell and Glen Roseman, crediting much of his success to their skilled teaching and dedication to helping their students succeed. “Mr. Roseman left a lifelong positive impact on the whole process,” he shared. “From day one, he helped me in any way that he could. He gave me crucial information and shot me onto the path of success.”


The cost-saving aspect of Mitchell was another benefit to attending a community college first. “I saved around $20,000 on tuition and only have $15,000 in debt for my entire college,” he said. His advice for students is to plan your courses and work with their teachers, especially instructors who previously worked in the field students plan to go into. Matthew planned his coursework very early on. “The transfer process went very smoothly. Thank you, Mitchell, for hiring instructors that care.”


Lloyd’s diligence and planning paid off in 2015 when he graduated from Mitchell. Lloyd immediately enrolled in the online criminal justice program with Lees McRae College, which enabled him to stay home and continue working full-time. He also utilized connections made at Mitchell and began an internship with Iredell County Probation/Parole. “This was a key asset to an open door for my career,” he noted.


Finishing his bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2017, he applied for a Probation/Parole Officer (PPO) position in Iredell County. Within a week he received a call and within a month he had his first interview. After several interviews and three job offers, he accepted a position with the State of North Carolina as a PPO in Iredell County. “This was my dream from the beginning,” he said, noting his goal was to work in Iredell County (District 22). “I am only a month and a half into my career and I can say without a doubt that this is the job for me. I enjoy waking up to go to my office.” He feels that he is making a difference in his community. “Working with probation is like being a counselor,” he shared. “You try to encourage the individuals in your caseload to do better.”


In the future, Lloyd hopes to specialize in probation caseloads and progress to a higher level in his career. He also has plans to pursue a Master’s in Criminal Justice. Looking far into the future towards retirement, Lloyd would like to provide service and support in other ways by teaching criminal justice courses like his favorite instructors at Mitchell.


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