Stories of Excellence - Wohali Revels

Specialist Wohali Revels knows the importance of service. Not only does he serve as a Mitchell security officer, he also serves in the North Carolina Army National Guard. At Mitchell's Veterans Day ceremony on November 11, Specialist Revels shared moving stories of appreciation for service and how small acts can speak volumes.


Recounting the story of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, the subject of the movie "Lone Survivor," Specialist Revels described Luttrell's sense of pride when seeing a patch he had previously given former President Bush prominently displayed on his desk. Specialist Revels drew parallels to his own experience. After serving overseas, he presented Mitchell's president, Dr. Tim Brewer, with a challenge coin, a symbol of appreciation. Later, he noticed the coin displayed proudly on Dr. Brewer's desk. “In that brief moment," he said, "I felt every bit as appreciated and important to you at Mitchell Community College as Marcus Luttrell did to the world.” The support he has received and still receives from his Mitchell family is life-changing. From his time serving in Bahrain when Mitchell care packages provided "piece of mind" to the pride in seeing his challenge coin displayed with honor, Specialist Revels is thankful to be a part of the Mitchell family. "I love working at Mitchell because it doesn't feel like a work environment," he noted. "It feels like a family environment where everyone is always happy to see you and everyone works together and cooperates so well." And the Mitchell family is proud to have Specialist Revels as well as our current and former service members.    


Specialist Revels began his military career with the North Carolina Army National Guard in 2013. He was assigned to OSUT (One Station Unit Training) to be held in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma where he graduated Basic Combat Training (BCT) and the Army School of Field Artillery in 2014 with honors. After graduating from Ft. Sill he was battle handed off to his home unit Alpha Battery 1-113 Field Artillery Battalion located in Statesville, North Carolina and pinned with the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 13 Delta (Cannon Crew Member). In March 2015, he and his unit were activated to serve in Bahrain as part of Operation Inherent Resolve in the fight against ISIS, during his 2 months of pre-mobilization training in Ft. Bliss, TX he qualified with the MK-19 belt fed grenade launcher and earned his night time Humvee driver’s badge. His unit then deployed to Bahrain where they would execute a security forces (SECFOR) mission for Shiek Isa Air Base in the Southern Governorate of Bahrain, conducting personnel and vehicle searches at the entry control points to the base and airfield as well as providing 24 hour security for the F-18 Marine attack squadrons as they touched down for fuel and repairs on the Navy flight line. During his 11 months in that country, he served as a team leader for Alpha Battery 1-113 FABN 2ND platoon 3rd squad (The Outlaws), graduated the United States Marine Corps Corporal course, earned his sharpshooter badge with the Beretta M-9 handgun and got recertified as a combat life saver. After returning home he received the following awards and citations for his service Armed Forces Reserve Medal W/M Device, Overseas Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Army Achievement Medal 2x, National Defense Service Ribbon, and Army Service Ribbon.


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