Graduation Eligibility Notification

Graduation Eligibility Notification

Students who are eligible to complete a certificate, diploma, or degree at the end of a semester will be notified of their graduation eligibility via their student email account. If you believe you qualify for completing a credential and you have not been notified by the semester cutoff {see current date below}, please see your academic advisor. Summer graduates need to visit the Summer Graduates website for specific directions.

Fall 2019

Notification emails will be sent to students on or before November 26, 2019. If you do not receive a notification for a credential you believe you should receive for Fall 2019, please contact your academic advisor. 

Non-passing Grades

If you receive a non-passing grade in a course that is required for your program completion, you will not be graduated at the end of the term. If your instructor contacts our office to have the grade changed, you will need to notify us of your pending graduation. Send an email to to let us know that your program is now complete because of a change of grade.