Inspirational Choir

Mitchell Inspirational Choir

Inspirational Choir

Since its formation in 1989, Mitchell’s Inspirational Choir has been a catalyst for uniting people through the transformative power of music. Directed initially by the Rev. Wanda Howell and later by Freddie Morrison, the Inspirational Choir has enjoyed enormous success and popularity, resulting in invitations to tour in Italy in 2000 and in the Republic of Fiji in 2004. The next year, the group also traveled to communities affected by Hurricane Katrina and shared their healing music. 


In 1997, the Inspirational Choir released its first CD recording, “Live! Ready, Willing, and Able,” which led to an invitation to perform at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in Philadelphia. Locally, the choir has collaborated with the United Way, other agencies, schools and area churches. They wrote and performed an original song for the DARE program, “Just Say No,” that was featured on the Bobby Jones Gospel television program.


At the choir’s 2010 reunion concert, the College and community supporters of the group established the Fredrick A. Morrison Scholarship Fund in honor of the group’s long-time director. Thus the choir’s legacy of giving back to the community continues through helping deserving students attend college. 


If you enjoy singing gospel and praise music, we invite you to join our dynamic and talented Inspirational Choir.


Emily Schuttenberg
, Community Music Coordinator
(704) 978-5425