Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Stay alert and notify Campus Security if you see or hear anything suspicious. Report any threats made against you, another person or Mitchell Community College.


Familiarize yourself with the campus, including nearby parking lots and emergency exits.


Avoid leaving backpacks, purses, books, computers or other items of value unattended. Lock your vehicle after you make sure valuables are out of sight.


When walking to your vehicle, have your keys in hand, look under the vehicle as you approach, and check inside before having a seat.  At night, try to walk in groups.


If you need an escort to your vehicle, call (704) 880-0172 or (704) 878-3200 in Statesville or (704) 880-0380 or (704) 663-1923 in Mooresville.


Display a Mitchell parking permit so that Campus Security may locate you if your vehicle is involved in an accident on campus. Notify Campus Security if you are in an accident in a campus parking lot.


Always drive slowly in campus parking lots and yield to pedestrians.