EMT Basic

EMT and Paramedic students train during a disaster simulation.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training prepares students for entry-level positions in emergency pre-hospital care. Eligible to take NCOEMS State Exam upon successful completion. May meet some Saturdays. Registration fee is $180 + associated supply fees, books, and uniform costs. Call (704) 878-4365 for information. Classes are held in Statesville and Mooresville. Check Public Safety Schedule for dates and times.

Download the program brochure to learn more

EMS Training Opportunitites

Public Safety Schedule

Download the Registration Packet here (zipped file) Packet also available in room B3–Continuing Ed Building


You must have proof of GED, high school or college diploma and transcripts.

All students will need to come for a reading comprehension (TABE) test prior to registration for the course. Sutdents will need to show reading comprehension to 11th grade or higher.

You must have, or be starting, the Hepatitis B vaccine and TB test.

Before issuing the state EMT certification, the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS) will do a complete background check.



$180 registration (unless fee waived)
$200.00 supply fee (shirts/handouts/disposable equipment)
 Other costs include books (approximately $200) and class needs as stated in the registration packet.


Fee Waiver
If you are affiliated with a municipal or volunteer fire or rescue department, your registration fee can be waived. You will need to have an EMS Letter of Sponsorship submitted.



Jim Larsen, BS/BA, NR-P, NC Paramedic Level II Instructor, EMS Program Coordinator
(704) 878-4365

Janice Johnson, Public Safety Administrative Assistant
(704) 978-5463

David Bullins, Director of Public Safety
(704) 978-5446