Scholarships - Continuing Education

Continuing Education Scholarship Opportunities 

 All Scholarships are on a First Come, First Served Basis

Governor’s Emergency Education Relief – $750
(GEER) II 2023
If you are a North Carolina Resident, or work in North Carolina, or intend to work in North Carolina and you are enrolled in or plan to enroll in one of the approved courses on this list (click here for list) you are eligible for the scholarship

 For an application form please contact Hedy Hedrick at 704-878-4271 or

State Employees’ Credit Union Scholarship (SECU) – $500

The SECU scholarship is for individuals who are unemployed or meet the 200% poverty guidelines,(Opens in New Window)  or are a National Guard Member, or a Military Veteran or Spouse, or are part of an underserved specific workforce sector. Several forms need to be filled out when applying for this scholarship. 

For more information and to get the forms, please call Jean Manall at 704-978-5494 or e-mail her at

Continuing Education Scholarship – Pays the cost of the Registration Fee only
The Continuing Education Scholarship is for individuals who are unemployed or meet the 200% poverty guidelines (Opens in New Window) and enroll in a course that is 96 hours or more in length.
**This scholarship covers cost of the registration fee only.

Click here for the Continuing Education Scholarship application form. (Opens in New Window)

Download the form, fill it out and then fax it back to 704-878-4271 or scan it and email it to


All scholarships are on a first come, first served basis