Giving Opportunities

Here's how your gift can make a difference at Mitchell.

The Mitchell Community College Foundation and Endowment for Excellence exists to secure resources to support our students, faculty and staff. Our donors provide vital contributions that enable our institution to succeed--whether that be through financial aid, program funding, or unrestricted giving. 

The Maverick Fund
The Mitchell Maverick Fund is our annual giving fund, designed to provide unrestricted, current-use dollars in support of college priorities. Gifts to the Maverick Fund are spent in full each year and target the areas of greatest need as determined by the college. Make a gift online to the Maverick Fund.

Scholarship Support
Our students regularly depend upon financial aid to help them achieve their potential in college. Scholarship gifts are critical to student success. Donors can support financial aid needs in a number of ways: through the OneMitchell Scholarship program, which provides unrestricted, current-use dollars; through creating a named, current-use scholarship; and through creating a named, endowed scholarship fund. To learn more about creating a named, current-use or endowed scholarship, please contact the Advancement Office.

Experiential Learning
We believe students learn best by doing, and there's no better way to provide those opportunities than by supporting research, travel, and professional experiences. Gifts to Experiential Learning provide current-use support for programs like Project Yellowstone, undergraduate research, and student internships or apprenticeships. Support experiential learning here, or contact the Advancement Office for more information.

The Dan and Jane Pardue Friends of the Arts Fund
Mitchell Community College celebrates a long history of visual and performing arts--including being home to the first nationally accredited music program in North Carolina. Our music and visual art programs depend on donor support to provide exceptional opportunities for students, bring in top-rate instructors, and host thrilling concerts and exhibitions for our community. Honoring the legacies of Dan and Jane Pardue, the Friends of the Arts fund is the primary support mechanism for donors to give to the arts and provides current-use support. Support the Friends of the Arts fund here

Endowment for Excellence
Founded in 1997, the Mitchell Community College Endowment for Excellence provides sustaining, major support to the college. As an invested fund, the Endowment supplies a percentage of its earnings and value to Mitchell. Donors can make an unrestricted gift of any size to the Endowment for Excellence; to create a named, endowed fund, please contact the Advancement Office.

Other ways to support Mitchell
We'd love to discuss your ideas of how you might be able to support the college through an existing or new program. Our best work is identifying your philanthropic passion and finding its best match here at Mitchell. Be sure to contact the Advancement Office to schedule a meeting to discuss how you can support Mitchell.