Mitchell honors employees


The following Mitchell employees were honored at the College’s Opening Day assembly on Wednesday, August 3, 2016:


5 years of service: Adam Atwell, John Barkley, Melanie Bebler, Mary Bilmanis, Robert Broda, Mary Ann Dietrich, Maryann Earwood, Charles Giles, Clint Halsted, T’Sha Harrison, Jason Hollar, Susan Kulenkamp, Kristl Kelley, Ben Pressley, Barbara Salamon, Jasper WagonerMark West

10 years of service: Erin Dubea, Tina Fleming, David Heinmiller, David Patterson, Emily Weddington, Chris Yockey

15 years of service: Tia Coleman, Eddie Garcia, Mamie Houston, Lisa Taylor

25 years of service: Donna Arnett


2016 R.D. Grier Excellence in Education Awards (pictured): Pat Pence (Professional/Para-Professional/Technical), Angie Goodman (Support Staff), Roger Duke (Facilities), Tammy Wise (Adjunct Faculty), Dede Dunst (Faculty)