Telecommunicator Certification Class boasts 100% pass rate

Eleven students recently completed a Telecommunicator Certification Class approved by Sheriffs’ Standards at Mitchell Community College. The course boasts a 100% first-time pass rate on the final comprehensive state exam in all four classes held at Mitchell since fall 2018.


Students were instructed on topics of the field, telecommunications systems and equipment, civil liability for telecommunicators, interpersonal communications, an overview of emergency services, communications resources, call reception and periodization, broadcast techniques and practical exercises along with various other subject matter. This 50-hour training course culminated in a Sheriffs’ Standards comprehensive exam. Completers are eligible to be certified as telecommunicators through the North Carolina Department of Justice, Sheriffs’ Standards Division. Students will now be required to complete at least 16 hours of in-service training annually in order to maintain their certification.


“Telecommunications is a high-stress job but very rewarding,” said course co-instructor Marty Byers. “If you want to be a part of emergency services, this is an excellent opportunity because many agencies are hiring.” Mitchell’s 100% pass rate speaks highly to the quality of the program and thoroughness of the instructors. NC Sheriffs Standards Western Field Representative and test administrator, Michael McLaughlin noted that the 100% first-time pass rate at Mitchell is extraordinary.


To learn more about the Telecommunicator Certification Class and Law Enforcement Continuing Education, contact Marty Byers at or (704) 978-5434. For more information on Public Safety training programs and courses, contact David Bullins at


Pictured above: (1st row, L-R) Elizabeth Baily, Amanda Davis, Dylan Galor; (2nd row, L-R) Lorie Crosby, Elise Welch, Selena Dancy, Sharon Pederson, Stephanie Westbrook; (3rd row, L-R) Todd Summers, William Jetter, Jr., Crystal Kiker