Maroon Icon of Iredell County, with the name "Apprenticeship Iredell".

Apprenticeship Iredell is a partnership between local industries and Mitchell Community College with a common goal of ensuring the demand is met for highly-skilled workers in Iredell County.

Through Apprenticeship Iredell, apprentices are hired by an industry partner and receive paid on-the-job training while attending Mitchell to earn a selected associate in applied science. As apprentices master skills, there is a set wage increase. The more you learn, the more you earn! At the end of the program, the apprentice earns state and federal certification as a journeyworker, along with the industry-recognized degree from the College.

All apprentices must meet minimum hiring requirements set by the industry partner and must meet all minimum technical standards required for the Mitchell program.

As a sponsor, Mitchell Community College operates a Registered Apprenticeship Program and assumes full responsibility for program administration.

A registered apprenticeship has five components:

1. Business involvement: Employers are the foundation. An apprenticeship program will not work without support from the employer. We do not exist without you.

2. Structured on-the-job training: A mentor will teach and guide the apprentice at work.

3. Related instruction: Mitchell Community College will provide all requirements needed to obtain a certificate, diploma, or degree.

4. Rewards for skill gains: Apprentices earn more as they learn!

5. National occupational credentialing: Apprentices are fully prepared and qualified for the job.

 5 Components of Registered


United States Department of Labor



Hannah Tuthill, Apprenticeship Coordinator
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