Book Buy Backs

The Mitchell Community College Bookstore buys back textbooks based on supply and demand.

Buy Back Information:

            The Mitchell Community College Bookstore buys back books at the current wholesale price at the end of each semester.

The Bookstore usually buys books back two ways:

1)     Retail - When stock is needed for the Bookstore for the upcoming semester, the store pays a higher rate for these titles.  If the stock is not needed for the upcoming semester, the title could be a wholesale title.

2)     Wholesale - When the supply and demand is needed on the wholesale title, a value is deemed from the wholesale company.   This is controlled by the wholesale company not by the bookstore.

All textbooks must be in good, resalable condition!  Textbooks with excess writing, highlighting, broken spines, missing pages, water damage, lab manuals, and workbooks cannot be purchased.  CD’s, disk, and unused access codes should be with the textbooks to increase the value.

Books are scanned to determine their value. Qualification depends on the condition of each individual textbook and the current market demand for the book title, which changes daily.

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