Computer Classes

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Computer Classes

Learn new computer skills through our practical and interactive training courses. Courses are perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced computer users. 

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Excel 2016, Introduction
Enhance your job skills by learning Excel. You will build a basic spreadsheet, in addition to learning many other features of excel like formulas, basic functions, copy and move data, as well as how to create, edit and format charts and other formatting that will enhance your spreadsheets. Students should provide a USB Flash Drive.

Excel 2016, Intermediate
Grow your Excel skills. You will review building a spreadsheet, formatting, calculating with functions, plus working with multiple worksheets, using charts, managing data and using Excel with other programs. Prerequisite: Excel© Introduction or prior experience with Excel©. Students should provide a USB Flash Drive.

Excel 2016, Advanced: Data Analyses
Advance your Excel skills. Learn a variety of built-in functions, such as Text functions, 'If' statements and Flash Fill. You will also learn how to use V Lookup functions, macros and Pivot Tables. For experienced Excel users. Students should provide a USB Flash Drive.

Computer Basics for Seniors
This class is designed to teach seniors the basics of the computer, including computer components, uses and applications.  This is a hands-on class in a computer lab.

Computer Technology Fundamentals
This course focuses on computer and technology fundamentals.  The class will review terminology and learn to identify and utilize the components of a computer.  In addition, participants will become familiar with accessing and using email, calendars, as well as an introduction to MS Word and MS Excel.  This class will increase students’ knowledge and comfort in using a computer and technology.

Facebook for Seniors
This class is designed for seniors.  In this class you will learn to set up an account, privacy settings, share and view photos, find friends, review news feeds, etc.

Google Apps for Business, Home, School, and Work
This course introduces Google Apps, which have many applications.  The Google platform can position attendees for success in business, home, school, or work.  Attendees will participate in hands-on activities to gain an in-depth knowledge and comfort while using Google Apps.  Topics that will be covered include: Overview of the Google platform, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

How to use your iPad
This class is an introduction on how to use your iPad and will cover basic functions such as the settings of the iPad, navigation, and the use of popular apps.  In addition, tips will be shared to help you get the most use out of your iPad.     

Internet, Email and Social Media for Seniors
In this class you will learn to use the internet to browse securely for information on antiques, hobbies, travel, books, and much more.  Learn how to compose emails with attachments such as pictures, documents, etc. Learn the different social media platforms, how to access, create an account and use on a daily basis.

Introduction to Computers & Keyboarding Basics
Get introduced to computer basics, hardware and software, Windows® operating system, data storage, working with folders and files, peripherals, word processing, spreadsheet and graphics applications.

MS Office Boot Camp
In this class you will gain a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers or equivalent experience.

QuickBooks - DESKTOP version
Get started with QuickBooks DESKTOP in this 2-day class. Topics will include, day 1: how to set up a chart of accounts: write checks and track payables; write invoices and track receivables.  Topics will include, day 2: how to generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements and preset reports; account reconciliations and sales tax reports; and checking accounts and credit cards. This class is recommended for those who have no experience with QuickBooks.

Social Media Tips & Techniques
This class will cover tips and techniques for social media users.  Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. you will walk away with tips that will help you to manage these as well as get the most value out of using them.

Online Computer Classes
You can get the training you need online through ed2go. Study when it's convenient for you.

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