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First Name Last Namesort descending Title Department Email Location Phone
Sharon Ellis Early college Liaison Educational Partnerships sellis@mitchellcc.edu VB-112 (704) 878-4361
Nydia Ferral Professional Development Coordinator Human Resources nferral@mitchellcc.edu MB 306C (704) 978-1376
Nancy Fields Student Records Technician Admissions & Records nfields@mitchellcc.edu SSC-110 (704) 878-3243
Mark Flake Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Art/Design mflake@mitchellcc.edu WFD-222 (704) 878-3337
Tina Fleming BLET Coordinator Public Safety tfleming@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B4B (704) 878-3253
Shawn Fraver Instructor Faculty: Mechanical Engineering sfraver@mitchellcc.edu WFD-213A (704) 878-3308
Andrea Fukami Instructor Faculty: Psychology afukami@mitchellcc.edu MCB-106 (704) 978-1337
Jodee Fulton Director of Human Resources Human Resources jfulton@mitchellcc.edu MB-311 (704) 978-5409
David Galliher Grounds/Housekeeping Technician Facilities Support Services dgalliher@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Eduardo Garcia Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Foreign Languages and Cultures egarcia@mitchellcc.edu FH-203 (704) 878-3340
Charles Giles Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services cgiles@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Emily Goins Instructor Faculty: Sciences egoins@mitchellcc.edu MCB-308 (704) 878-3342
Kenya Goldsberry Instructor Faculty: Biology kgoldsberry@mitchellcc.edu SB-204A (704) 978-1369
Jesus Gomez Institutional Technology Coordinator Institutional Technology jgomez@mitchellcc.edu MB 304 (704) 978-1390
Angie Goodman Administrative Assistant Business, Computer Technology & Cosmetology Division agoodman@mitchellcc.edu FH-101 (704) 878-4258
Lindsy Graham Instructor Cosmetology  lgraham@mitchellcc.edu COS 704-878-4374
Carolyn Gray Receptionist-VP for Student Services Student Services cgray@mitchellcc.edu SSC-209 (704) 878-3281
Paula Guiton Instructor Faculty: Nursing pguiton@mitchellcc.edu SB-105C (704) 878-4327
Louis Guy Campus Security Officer Campus Safety & Security lguyjr@mitchellcc.edu Security (704) 682-7241
Jessica Harris Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services jharris2@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Jonathan Harris Financial Analyst Financial Services jharris@mitchellcc.edu SSC-201 (704) 978-1307
T'Sha Harrison Retention Specialist Student Services tharrison@mitchellcc.edu SSC-102B (704) 978-5440
Peggy Haynes FT Temporary Instructor Faculty: Cosmetology phaynes@mitchellcc.edu COS (704) 878-4372
Scott Heath Facilities Supervisor I Facilities Support Services sheath@mitchellcc.edu Facilities (704) 878-3360
David Heinmiller Director of Safety, Security & Energy Management Campus Safety & Security dheinmiller@mitchellcc.edu Security (704) 978-5444
Larry Hilton Assistant BLET Coordinator Public Safety lhilton@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B3A (704) 978-5434
Sondra Hilton Instructor Faculty: Mathematics shilton@mitchellcc.edu VB-108B (704) 978-1354
James Hogan Vice President for Advancement Development and College Relations jhogan@mitchellcc.edu Kirkman House (704) 878-4321
Donna Hogue Instructor, Early Childhood Faculty: Early Childhood dhogue@mitchellcc.edu MCB-123 (704) 978-5477
Vicki Holland Administrative Assistant Office for Advancement vholland@mitchellcc.edu Kirkman House (704) 878-4321
Jason Hollar Instructor Faculty: Psychology jhollar@mitchellcc.edu MB-226 (704) 878-3287
Phillip Holleran Instructor Faculty: Business, Economics & Marketing pholleran@mitchellcc.edu FH-102 (704) 978-5473
Mamie Houston Early College Liaison Educational Partnerships mhouston@mitchellcc.edu MB 103C (704) 978-5483 or (704) 978-0034
Crystal Howell Admissions & Records Technician Admissions & Records chowell2@mitchellcc.edu SSC-102D (704) 978-1349
Leigh Ann Huddleston HR Coordinator Human Resources lhuddleston@mitchellcc.edu MB-306D (704) 978-1385
De’Angelia Huggins Career Development Specialist Student Services dhuggins@mitchellcc.edu SSC-208C (704) 878-4262
Gerald Hyde Vice President for Accounting and CFO Financial Services ghyde@mitchellcc.edu SSC 201-F (704) 878-3212
Carole Ireland Curriculum Maintenance Technician Admissions & Records cireland@mitchellcc.edu SSC107 (704) 878-4348
Marcella James Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services mjames@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Wayne James Instructor Advanced Manufacturing wjames@mitchellcc.edu WFD-215 (704) 978-1335
Carol Johnson Vice President for Workforce Development & CEC Continuing Education - VP office cjohnson@mitchellcc.edu WFD (704) 878-3225
Janice Johnson Administrative Assistant Public Safety jjohnson@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B4 (704) 978-5463
Sally Johnson Instructor Faculty: Cosmetology sjohnson@mitchellcc.edu COS (704) 878-4364
Teresa Jordan Mind Center Administrative Specialist Huskins Library tjordan@mitchellcc.edu HL-Mind (704) 978-3116
Kristl Kelley Instructor Faculty: History kkelley2@mitchellcc.edu MB-222 (704) 878-3286
Kellie Kerley Instructor Faculty: Associate Degree Nursing kkerley@mitchellcc.edu SB-106 (704) 878-3304
Anita Kessler Accounting Technician II Financial Services akessler@mitchellcc.edu SSC-201 (704) 878-4396
Pam Khurana Instructor Faculty: Sciences pkhurana@mitchellcc.edu SB-210 (704) 978-5432
Rachel Knox Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid rknox@mitchellcc.edu SSC-107D (704) 878-3255
Susan Kulenkamp Receptionist Mooresville Campus skulenkamp@mitchellcc.edu MC (704) 663-1923