Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Planning facilitates on-going, integrated institutional planning processes by utilizing assessment results that lead to continuous improvement.  In support of our mission we assist the College in Strategic and Annual Planning, Internal Research, Program Review, Learning Outcomes Assessment, Survey Administration, External Reporting, and Accreditation.  Our commitment to these activities supports the College’s mission to provide high-quality educational and training programs and services for our community.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Analysis of the Economic Impact & Return on Investment of Education
Fact Sheet
Executive Summary

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Eva Eisnaugle, Director (Learning Outcomes, Assessment, and Planning)
(704) 978-1344

Betsy Patterson, Research and Reporting
(704) 878-3244

Molly Nicholson, Surveys and Economic Data Support
(704) 878-4362